Acting Auditions Los Angeles (2022)

You’re an actor looking for acting auditions Los Angeles?

Or maybe you need help on what to do or expect???

How do you prepare???

Are all auditions the same???

You want to calm your nerves??

You want to get the most out of yourself in a short periodof time???

Acting auditions in Los Angeles come many shapes, sizes and forms so sometimes it’s hard to know what to expect or how to prepare. Other times it’s the anxiety and stress of an audition that causes you to panic and worry. So let us help guide you and take some of the stress out!

Acting Auditions vary around the world and they are certainly different for tv and film than they are for theatre. We will focus on On-Camera auditions in Los Angeles for TV and Film : )

Hereacting auditions Los Angeles can be broken down into 3 categories Commercials, TV and Film. They vary slightly but many aspects remain the same to begin with. Acting auditions are usually On-Camera, with a casting director and reader, miles away from where you live and traffic is awful : ) Only adding to the already built up fear and anxiety about “performing” and being judged. But good news is we have a few things here at the studio that we teach to make this feeling a thing of the past in acting auditions!

Keep reading!

Lets start with Commercial auditions.

Commercials you would think would be the easiest of the bunch. Less lines! Short auditions! What could be better than that!?

(Video) COME WITH ME TO AN ACTING AUDITION!! | in los angeles

Well in truth they are actually quite unnerving if you don’t know what to expect.

A lot of commercial auditions here in Los Angeles require you to improvise around lines, act out crazy scenes with or without dialogue and to make matters worse sometimes you aren’t even given a breakdown on what you are doing until you arrive 5 minutes before the audition!

To be good at commercial auditions isn’t as easy as just being the right look, its an art form on its own, a different kind of beast. Where to really be able to think fast on your feet, delve deep into your soul in a very short period of time is a key!

To truly be in touch with your body and how it moves, needs to be available to you at the flick of a switch : )

Most of the time you will be asked to jump straight in, then change everything you just did…..and then change it again 10 seconds later.

How do you prepare for such mayhem?

Well first off it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Instinctual discovery. Trust your instincts and get in your body right away instead of getting stuck in a “heady” clinical analysis.

Sometimes it’s just you and the casting director, sometimes you’re partnered up with another actor or it’s you and a bunch of other actors in a group.

All of you have nerves, even the casting director as they also have the pressure to find the right talent. Maybe it’s their first day or first big project so always remember they want the best out of you, for you and for themselves. It’s a team thing : )

It can feel overwhelming to be thrown into a room in front of people and then told to do things that maybe you have never done before! But… If you think about it and break it down its all about being a human being and having fun. Whether or not you need to improvise you are still just Living the Life of another person. To access certain feelings or emotions can be achieved in many different ways and with varying techniques.

My philosophy changes the goal from acting a character to being a human being…so you can be in the moment whether you’re in an audition, on set or on stage.”

We have a unique look on acting auditions here at the studio in that we create from within to Live the Life of another. Margie gives you all the tools to create true connections to your words and to your actions giving you the confidence to just go for it and not hold back.

(Video) HOW TO MOVE TO LA AND BECOME AN ACTOR | 10 Los Angeles acting tips

Where can I find commercial auditions?

If you don’t have a commercial agent then there are still many avenues available to you to get out on auditions.

Many websites includingActorsaccess, Backstage, Castit, Starnow, Project Casting, Casting360 allow you to submit yourself to casting directors. Some offer great opportunities and some you must take with a grain of salt. If it sounds too good to be true then it’s worth double checking before you agree to an audition. Always do your background research on who is involved, where it is etc so you don’t find yourself in a uncomfortable situation.


TV is so different now than what it used to be. A few decades or so ago there were only a handful of big networks making content. So to get on a show was hard as there were only limited roles and limited productions. Plus the same actors were always cast over the same network.

But now there are so many different avenues with so much content being made from the big studios and networks to Netflix, Youtube, Hulu to name a few and independent online productions.

TV has morphed into a wide array of areas rather than simply being limited to actual Television.

Gone are the days of scheduled viewing, of the 8pm time slot for LOST family gatherings.

TV has lost its power over people having to watch it on an actual television. A lot of people are cable cutting, switching to OnDemand viewings and streaming services.

This has created such competition in the market, that now companies like Netflix, are leading the way in creating award winning content. Its allowed a greater amount of flexibility, in filming, locations, production, distribution and of course the talent they can use.

It has now become a global market. Where once an actor was at an advantage to be based in LA. That still holds true to many things but it’s not so black and white anymore. Actors from all over the world are cast in productions being made here in the USA.

How to prepare for TV auditions?

Just like commercial auditions, it’s you, a reader and a casting director to begin with. Castings happen all over LA from Burbank and Hollywood to Santa Monica. You could find yourself in Santa Monica in the morning then headed to Burbank at peak traffic times. Lots of fun!!

In terms of preparing, for most auditions, you will have at least a night’s notice.

That seems like there isn’t much time to truly prepare a fully fleshed character. But a night is a very long time if you put some hard work in. To make sure you really Live the Life.

(Video) Famous Celebrities First Auditions !!

Create quickly, specifically, and thoroughly. Be empowered to step into a character more fully in less time – perfect for the fast-moving industry of film and TV”

You can spend all night memorizing lines only to go in and an ok job. But with all the competition in Los Angeles you want to shine!

So before you spend the hours you have memorising lines try to use your Imagination, not substitution. Create fully realized characters that are truthfully affected in the moment through the endless power of your imagination. Then your lines will be apart of you, you won’t be “performing” as you will be that person, living that life!

This gives the power back to you. No longer are you afraid of “doing it right” or “showcasing” yourself as a great actor, you are now Living the Life of that character, being truly present.

You have many options available to you in regards to memorization. You can memorise your words completely and if you have the time this is great! But if you find that you don’t have the hours to put in or maybe it’s a character or scene that just isn’t easy to memorise and trust me, we have all had those! Then here at the studio Margie teaches her Haber Phrasing.

“You can use the paper as an extension of yourself”

Margie teaches her Haber an alternative to memorization, this innovative tool takes away the pressure of memorizing when you’re short on time. Key for auditions and table readings, it helps you to use the paper organically without losing your connection to the other actors. It becomes a part of your behavior rather than a technical approach.

To learn more about this life changing addition to your skills and to truly grasp how to Live the Life, join Margie at our free Orientaton on Mondays at 2pm here at the studio.


Film like Television has changed in so many ways. Independent movies are much cheaper to make taking away the need for giant studios to fund movies. Films are also distributed online opening the entire world up as a potential audience.

Short films have become a great asset to actors, directors and writers as a way of showcasing their talent on much lower budgets. Used as stepping stones for more funding and potentially a bigger demographic.

Many more films are made these days with filmmakers getting much more creative with the technological tools available to them.

So what does this mean for you as an actor?

(Video) I Tracked My Auditions for a YEAR! | Actor in Los Angeles

With so many different creative approaches to filmmaking, there are that many more opportunities for actors. Including creating your own content. It has now become such a global market and such a diverse area.

It was once focussed on a single area in Los Angeles. And so were the acting auditions Los Angeles.

But now no matter where you are there are filmmakers making content that is globally recognized. From short films to blockbusters, animation to video games.

Acting auditions Los Angeles are cast all over LA. Casting notices can be also on the web if you don’t have an agent on the same websites such asActorsaccess, Backstage, Castit, Starnow, Project Casting, Casting360.

How to prepare?

I am this person living this life.”

Preparation is always the same. What changes is the amount of time you have. Every time you live the life of someone else, as much as you can. Sometimes you have hours which only allows so much imagination to be had. Others you have days, nights, which affords you the time to truthfully immerse into the character.

“You can’t be you, but you can always use you – dont be afraid to let your deliciousness seep into your character!”

Believe the character on the page is a real, complicated human being and you can readily relate to them as one. Spend time imagining the smallest details about their life, take yourself to those places, get into your body and live as though you were them. The more truthful imagination you can achieve in the time you have, the more truthful your audition will be.

“Relationship, relationship, relationship. “Take a dance” with the other person instead of executing pre-planned, inauthentic behavior. When you focus on what you want, you’re more present and more real.”

If you want to know more and learn more then get in touch with us here at the studio! From Kids and Teens to Adults! We would love to hear from you! Talk to us about how we can help you start booking acting auditions Los Angeles. Check out our Instagram page or follow The Actors Blog

Margie also tours around the world sharing her knowledge. See if shes coming to you! Margie on Tour

We are all going somewhere, anywhere. We are the only ones who can walk our unique path. It’s right there, our dreams, our goals, sometimes just beyond our most painful experiences. We all have moments of doubt and frustration. Life can feel like a roller coaster. We can be right at the top, screaming with joy, for the world to hear. Only to wake up and find ourselves staring up at the top of a seemingly unclimbable mountain.

(Video) What's It Like In An Audition Room | My LA Audition | Acting Auditions & Call Backs With Fiona

But don’t be disheartened because like life, the joys of acting come from the discovery, the journey. Every step is an opportunity for the world to show us something we may never have experienced before. We only live once. Dancing on the edge. But as an actor what a wonderful, heart breakingly beautiful opportunity you have to live as many lives as you want.

What a life that must be.”


How do I audition for acting in Los Angeles? ›

How do I find auditions and casting calls in L.A.? Early in your acting career, you can find L.A. auditions through online casting platforms like Backstage. Once you have an agent, they submit you for most of your auditions—but self-submissions via Backstage is a great place to start getting experience.

How can I find auditions for acting? ›

8 Best Casting Websites for Working Actors
  1. Backstage.
  2. Actors Access.
  3. Casting Networks.
  4. Playbill.
  5. Casting Frontier.
  6. Now Casting.
  7. NYCastings.
  8. IMDbPRO.

Is LA Casting Now casting networks? ›

Casting Networks is a worldwide casting website that shares auditions with both agents and actors. In Los Angeles, it is called LA Casting. Learn how the website works, who uses it, and how to most effectively build your profile and submit for roles that are casting throughout the USA.

How much is LA casting annually? ›

With a Premium Unlimited membership, talent can also upload unlimited reels and skill clips, and browse and submit to thousands of open calls for just $19.95/month prepaid annually or $23.95/month paid monthly.

Can I get auditions without an agent? ›

Can I apply for jobs if I don't have an agent? If you do not have an agent, never fear! There is a whole world of opportunities that you can utilise to get your own auditions and work. In fact, professional actors sometimes spend years getting their own work and do very well!

How to get a first audition? ›

  1. How Do I Get an Acting Audition. ...
  2. Learn How To Act. ...
  3. Get Your First Headshot and Resume. ...
  4. Sign Up for Online Casting Sites. ...
  5. Start Submitting for Non-Paying Acting Roles. ...
  6. Get Some Acting Credits and Build Your Resume. ...
  7. Take an Audition Technique Classes. ...
  8. Put Together an Acting Reel or Demo Footage.
9 Mar 2021

How do I get Netflix casted? ›

Netflix does not conduct auditions in-house.

They hire outside production companies who do the casting and shooting of their shows, which means there is no one you can go directly to at Netflix with questions about how to find auditions.

How do I get my first acting job? ›

One way to begin is to go through a casting agency to land roles as 'extras' in commercials or tv shows. The people you work with on those sets can become the beginning of your network. Talk to as many people as possible on these sets, ask questions and listen to others' personal experiences.

What is the best age to start acting? ›

Age 8 – 11

This is one of the best ages for getting started in acting as kids this age tend to be that little bit better at reading their lines and more disciplined with practice. Kids in this age group will sometimes play roles younger than their actual age as the group is generally easier to work with.

Is acting a hard job to get in? ›

It's one of the most competitive professions in the world. Of the members of SAG/AFTRA, the screen actors' union — and these are the actors who have had enough professional success that they were able to join the union — only 1% are working at any given time.

How do actors get their start? ›

Actors audition for roles and, if selected, perform those roles to bring the characters to life. Their work might be on a movie or television set, in a theater, during a live event or any other place where performance is needed.

Can you be an actor and not live in LA? ›

This is absolutely not true! Sure, I know plenty of talented actors who live in New York and L.A., but I also know plenty of talented actors who have actively chosen not to live in New York and L.A. The same holds true for directors, photographers, casting directors and art/creative directors at ad agencies.

How much does backstage cost? ›

Backstage Paid Services:

You can get a full year's membership for $119.88, which comes to $9.99 a month. However, if you just want to get started bringing in some money before you commit to a long-term membership, you can sign up for a month-to-month membership at $19.95 a month.

Do you get paid on backstage? ›

Backstage lets you quickly and securely pay talent for a role.

How much are extras paid in LA? ›

How much does an Extra/Stand-in make in Los Angeles, CA? The average Extra/Stand-in salary in Los Angeles, CA is $41,237 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $33,991 and $51,115.

What is the monthly income for an actor? ›

As of Oct 18, 2022, the average monthly pay for an Actor in the United States is $5,887 a month. While ZipRecruiter is seeing monthly salaries as high as $26,583 and as low as $917, the majority of Actor salaries currently range between $1,833 (25th percentile) to $7,791 (75th percentile) across the United States.

How do I find auditions without paying? ›

6 Best Free Casting Websites of 2020
  1. Backstage. Backstage is one of the dominant acting websites. ...
  2. Casting Frontier. Casting Frontier is one of the first innovators to implement an online casting opportunity. ...
  3. Casting Networks Incorporated. ...
  4. Playbill. ...
  5. Actors Access. ...
16 Jan 2020

Can I audition without a headshot? ›

Bringing a hard copy of your headshot is not always mandatory in the film, TV, and commercial world, but many audition postings ask you to bring them, so you should always have some on hand.

What do acting agents look for? ›

You learn camera etiquette, audition techniques and how to cold-read during auditions. These are all skills that talent agency's desire in their actors. The best acting agencies will look at your resume to see if you have training. The agency also takes notice of who taught the class.

What should you not do in an audition? ›

17 Things To Never Do in an Audition
  • Don't be overly aggressive.
  • Don't enter/exit the room awkwardly.
  • Don't forget your umbrella.
  • Don't get in over your head at a dance call.
  • Don't try to audition for characters outside your range.
  • Don't ignore direction when given.
  • Don't be TOO enthusiastic.
31 Jul 2013

How can I get myself noticed as an actor? ›

Follow these AFTT tips to improve your chances of truly getting yourself out there!
  1. Have a great cover letter, resume, headshot and showreel. ...
  2. Get a professional headshot and showreel. ...
  3. Go to auditions. ...
  4. Have your own website. ...
  5. Press releases. ...
  6. Exploit Social Media. ...
  7. Learn how to network. ...
  8. Start now!
15 Mar 2016

How do you direct a first time actor? ›

12 Tips for Directing Actors
  1. Know who you're working with. ...
  2. Include your actors in your process. ...
  3. Create a calm and respectful environment. ...
  4. Be prepared and be flexible. ...
  5. Give your actors space to work. ...
  6. Don't make actors wait. ...
  7. Be direct. ...
  8. Avoid results-oriented direction.
7 Sept 2021

How much do Netflix actors get paid? ›

The estimated base pay is $116,191 per year. The estimated additional pay is $45,095 per year. Additional pay could include bonus, stock, commission, profit sharing or tips.

What does a beginner actor make? ›

As of Oct 14, 2022, the average annual pay for an Actor Entry Level in the United States is $44,986 a year.

Why is acting so hard? ›

You have to learn and become accomplished in a skill set in order to work, just like any other job. Being a film actor takes long hours. Being a stage actor takes lots of stamina and a good memory. Both take a thick skin and the ability to deal with tons of rejection, even if you're very good.

How much do starter actors make? ›

The average salary for an entry level Actor is $36,897. An experienced Actor makes about $40,668 per year. Actors express ideas and portray characters in theater, film, television, and other performing arts media.

What is too late to start acting? ›

There Is No Age Limit to Acting

The beautiful thing about acting is there is no age limit – you can begin acting at 14 in school, or at 64 after retirement – or anywhere in between. We even have students in their 70s and 80s that are learning the craft – so it's never too early or too late to begin acting.

Is it worth getting into acting? ›

While you may set yourself particular goals as an actor, it's important that you are still happy pursuing acting if your goals are never achieved—or shift entirely over the course of your career. If you are resilient, confident and can adapt to change, then acting is absolutely a career you should pursue.

Is 21 too old to start acting? ›

You're Not Too Old to Start Your Acting Career—If You Do It Right. Let's get this out of the way: No, you are not too old to start your acting career. Whatever age you are now, there are opportunities for you to perform on stage and on screen. But that doesn't mean they will come easy.

Do actors memorize all their lines? ›

Practice improves their memory so, with time, it becomes easier to memorize lines. But actors rarely memorize the entire script before the filming starts. They become familiar with the text and then memorize parts of the script one by one as the filming goes on.

Can you be an actor if you are shy? ›

Shy people can be actors because an actor's shyness becomes irrelevant if the actor can make themselves feel that they have complete privacy. You can develop this ability to tune out the outside world by practicing your lines in public, watching your own performances, and doing improv in groups.

How many lines do actors have to memorize? ›

It is vital that lines are so deeply learned and internalised that there is no need to be conscious of them as lines. Usually there may be no more than half a dozen lines per scene and you may only do a few scenes in a day. Shooting two minutes of finished screen time per day on a high budget film is not unusual.

Do actors get paid immediately? ›

In most cases, SAG-AFTRA says you'll be paid within one to two months of the movie airing on TV, but there are exceptions.

Do actors go to set everyday? ›

Actors are not busy in front of the camera all the time and stay in their trailers or the green room between scenes or shots, so they don't have to stay on set between scenes. It is only when the director wraps the shoot for the day that the actors leave the studio or location.

Do actors get paid once? ›

Actors (other than background actors) get paid again when a performance is rerun. In TV's past, those payments ended after a certain number of replays; now they can go on forever — making those “Law & Order” reruns an annuity for the actors.

How can I audition for LA without an agent? ›

How to Get Acting Jobs Without an Agent
  1. Create your own work. ...
  2. Read industry publications. ...
  3. Work on student films. ...
  4. Attend Equity Principal Auditions. ...
  5. Reach out to casting directors, directors, and producers. ...
  6. Beware of having a chip on your shoulder. ...
  7. Be generous about recommending talented friends and colleagues.
20 Oct 2022

Where do most auditions happen in LA? ›

BURBANK. This is the famous Burbank, and arguably the nicest area in The Valley. The rent will run higher, but you'll live close to Disney, Universal and Warner Bros studios, find many things to do in here, and a lot of auditions take place in Burbank.

Is Backstage legit for actors? ›

Backstage is for real! Since 1960 we've helped tens of thousands of performers get cast in all types of productions, from Broadway musicals to Hollywood movies and more.

Is LA or NYC better for acting? ›

NYC vs. LA: Which is Better for Actors? While Los Angeles is the center of the country's film and TV industry, New York City offers more opportunities for stage actors. That's why, for many actors, there are fewer decisions more agonizing than figuring out which coast will better suit their pursuit of an acting career.

What is the least an actor can make? ›

Background actors make $182 a day, and stand-ins make $214 a day. As a lead or supporting player, your role likely extends the length of the entire shoot, and you're making a minimum of $65,000 (the run-of-the-picture rate).

How much do actors get paid in LA? ›

Actor/Performer Salary in Los Angeles, CA
25th Percentile Actor/Performer Salary$55,664Los Angeles,CA
50th Percentile Actor/Performer Salary$67,548Los Angeles,CA
75th Percentile Actor/Performer Salary$82,474Los Angeles,CA
90th Percentile Actor/Performer Salary$96,062Los Angeles,CA
1 more row

Can I join Backstage with no experience? ›

Acting experience isn't crucial to starting an acting career. In fact, there are numerous paths you can take to become an actor. Here's your guide on how to get into acting with no prior experience. Join Backstage to access jobs you can apply to right now!

How do celebrities find auditions? ›

Online casting sites are the most reliable place to find auditions. Websites like Casting Networks, Backstage, and Actor's Access are great resources – all you need to do is create a profile, upload your headshot, resume, and footage, and then start self-submitting to the casting calls that show up in your inbox.

Do famous actors have agents? ›

But, having an agent is not required to become an actor, many A-list actors have started their acting career without the help of an talent agent. However, many casting directors go directly to talent agents in order to find the artists whom they are looking for.

How do I get an acting agent in Los Angeles? ›

Get Cast Today
  1. Submit headshots and résumés. You can reach out directly to an agent. There are guides that list all the agents in L.A. and email addresses for many agents are listed on IMDbPro. ...
  2. Go to every meeting prepared. When you get the opportunity to meet an agent, make sure you're prepared.
15 Jul 2020

How much does it cost to study acting in LA? ›

How Much Do Acting Classes Cost? In general, acting classes cost between $150 and $2,000, a number that varies greatly depending on location, size of the class, and reputation of the educator. Group acting lessons typically run between $20 to $80 per hour in Los Angeles and New York City.

Where are most auditions in LA? ›

BURBANK. This is the famous Burbank, and arguably the nicest area in The Valley. The rent will run higher, but you'll live close to Disney, Universal and Warner Bros studios, find many things to do in here, and a lot of auditions take place in Burbank.

How do I get an agent for myself? ›

To submit to most talent agencies, you'll need to send in headshots (a maximum of three!), an acting résumé, and a cover letter—but what form these should take depends on the agency's submission policy. While some want online submissions, others still prefer you to mail in a hard copy.

Are acting agents free? ›

Legitimate agents and managers don't charge upfront fees. Ever. If someone who wants you to sign up for a bunch of classes that cost a fortune approaches you or your kid, then they aren't a proper talent agency or management company.

Is it hard to get an acting agent? ›

Signing with a top agent is a process, and one that can take even longer than three years. You may first have to work as a freelance actor for some time, or work with a few smaller agents before you finally settle with one of the big players in the industry. So be patient.

How do I find my first agent for acting? ›

How to Get an Acting Agent
  1. Get headshots. A headshot is a professional photo of you, taken from the shoulders up. ...
  2. Create an acting resume. ...
  3. Consider making a demo reel. ...
  4. Make a list of acting agencies. ...
  5. Start submitting your materials. ...
  6. Interview and audition for prospective agents. ...
  7. Foster a good relationship.
24 May 2022

What is the easiest way to get into acting? ›

Whether you take college courses, enroll in art school, or dip into local acting classes, continued education in performance is the best way to keep learning and be on top of new trends. One of the best approaches, both to learn and to help you meet other actors, is to sign up for a good workshop or scene study class.

Can you go to acting school with no experience? ›

Is it possible to get into a drama school with no experience? Honestly, it is quite unlikely. You are going to enter the fray along with other applicants who have been taking courses and took role in plays for years. That being said, school members and teachers are looking for potential.

Where do most actors study acting? ›

Many actors had formal acting training from either schools, such as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Yale University, HB Studio, The Pasadena Playhouse, and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, or from teachers such as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, and Michael Chekhov.


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