12 Team Meeting Ideas to Engage Your Employees (2022)

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12 Team Meeting Ideas to Engage Your Employees (4)

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12 Team Meeting Ideas to Engage Your Employees

Teammeetings are a necessary part of any successful organization, particularly now.However, many organizations still useteammeeting ideasthat fail to keep their employees engaged, making them a boring and formulaic check-in rather than an exciting and productive experience.Even with the onlinemeetingtool options that so many of us are utilizing today, there are several ways to lift engagement and ultimately, camaraderie and contribution.

Believe it or not, there is room for creativityin yourteammeetings and itcanbe the catalyst that pushes attendees to get more out ofteammeetings. Organizations can draw on several different techniques to spice up their internal company meetings, holding them on a regular or as-need basis.

Creativeteammeeting ideascan helpteammembers to get together and pitch, brainstorm, or check in on certain pertinent developments within the company. Internal meetings exist in order to give allteammembers an opportunity to touch base with members of the same organization on issues big and small.

Most staff members, regardless of position, don’t tend to associateteammeetings with enjoyment or fulfillment. There is a connotation of boredom and mundanity attached, often resulting from repetitive and ineffectual practices.Keeping employees engaged during theseregular, or intermittent, check-in periods is an absolute necessity if you are to encourage and maintain motivation and commitment from your staff.

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12 Team Meeting Ideas to Engage Your Employees (5)

12 Team Meeting Ideas

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12TeamMeeting Ideasto Make Your Meetings Fun and Effective

Here are some great examples of creative, tried-and-trueteammeeting ideas(and yes, even the online ones)that can help keep your employees engaged:

1. Start Every Team Meeting with a Win

In order to start ateammeeting positively, youmuststart with a win. Beginning a meeting by announcing some recent accomplishmentor presenting accolades to a top performer in the office, sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. When a meeting kicks off with a forward-thinking, positive narrative, people will immediately feel more positive about the meeting itself and more motivated to participate.

The win itself can be big or small. Was a project a success? Did a certain staff member perform exceptionally well the last few weeks? Is there a milestone you can celebrate? Any type of win should be shared with theteam. Alternatively, you can ask everyone at the meeting to share a win themselves. Either way, you are setting your meeting up for success.

2. Internally Score Your Team Meetings

While the influence of external rewards is undeniable, many employees feel equally motivated by improving their own performance within an organization. Together with yourteam, try scoring eachteammeeting to make sure they’re being continuously improved upon. This can involve asking each staff member to score the meeting once it’s completed, then calculating the median score.

Keeping track of whether meetings end on time, whether follow-up items get done, whether there are tangible results to your meetings, and whether participants are engaged and participate during meetings, can also be useful to track.

3. Take Turns in Leading Your Team Meetings

Thisteammeeting idea helps you to reduce the possibility that employees feeltoomonitored and assessed, giving ownership of meetings to the participants as much as to the leader.

People are much more engagedwhen they are expected to directlycontributevs. a single designate.Draw on this by implementing a rotating system where you take turns in leading your meetings. This keeps employees engaged by switching up the presentation and leadership style, making them feel like they’re truly a part of theirteammeetings, rather than just a spectator. In order to keep consistency, use meeting guidelines to map out what meetings should look like to make sure they stay as productive and effective as possible.

12 Team Meeting Ideas to Engage Your Employees (6)

4. Stand Up During Your Team Meetings

During stand-up meetings, people are much more likely to participate. They stretch their legs, keep their blood flowing, and they feel much more actionable than they would sitting down. This is especially true for offices with only sit-down desks. Meetings held standing up keepsteamsessions feeling much more hands-on and productive.Plan this on in advance so people can prop up their laptop cameras or video equipment.

Just Fearless employs this practice in a creative way, keeping meetings efficient in the process. Whenever meetings run long, chairs areremoved,and everyone is forced to stand until it ends. One of the biggest challenges of internal meetings is remaining focused and on topic. Having the looming pressure of potentially losing your chair puts things in perspective, motivating all participants to stay on track and finish the meeting on time.

5. Use an Egg Clock and Make Long-Winded Employees Pay Up

Teammeetings that run on for too long are a constant challenge in any organization. Implementing tactics to eliminate running past the clock can help your organization in reducing wasted meeting time, keeping meetings focused and employees on-track.

(Video) Employee Engagement | How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged?

Using an egg clock is a simple way to make sure meetings don’t take up too much time.Once the egg clock rings, then the time isup,and the meetingmustend.This gives meetings a necessary sense of urgency to keep things moving at the pace they should be, rather than wasting time getting off-track. Time limits can vary depending on the size of yourteam,andon the regularity of the meetings themselves. If yourteammeetings are weekly, 15-30 minutes should be sufficient. If they are bi-weekly, 30-45 should work. Regardless of how you adjust your allotted meeting time, the general rule of thumb is thatthe less time you can use, the better.

Trippinghas a creativeand funmethodthat keepsemployees from running past the clock. At the start of every meeting, they set a stopwatch for 30 minutes. If the meeting extends beyond this allotted time, whoever called the meeting is responsible for putting $5 into theirteambeer jar. Fun rewards mixed with friendly competition can help make a productive internalteammeeting atmosphere.

6. Give Everyone Time to Speak

Manyteammeetings fall short in engaging every employee, with some participants talking over while others keep silent. To fix this, aim to schedule a few minutes of speaking time for everyone at the meeting. By default, every participantmustspeak up.

To keep meetings aligned with your goals of productivity, make sure you let meeting participants know they should come prepared with useful insights for the meeting. You can do this by sharing your agenda beforehand, that way participants have a chance to prepare relevant information, keeping the meeting on-track and effective.

7. Use Different Meeting Themes

In order to see tangible outcomes for everyteammeeting you hold, try using different themes every time. Themes could shift with respect to what you are hoping your staff will learn thatweek, or you could incorporate broader themes relating toteamculture, such as wellbeing.

By using themes this way, you are ensuring yourteammeetings don’t feel stagnant or become too repetitive in their proceedings. Changing the scope of what you are focusing, or the lens through which you are opening dialogue, encourages creativity and innovativeness in your staff.

The actual way you incorporate themes into yourteammeetings can vary. You can choose to go all in, gearing your activities to relate to the theme and promote its principle ideas. Or, you could choose toallocate a portion of your meeting to discuss the theme. Some examples of themes could include betterteamwork, a healthier workplace, work-life balance, motivation, or productivity.

8. Create a Unique Ritual

A specific team meeting idea or activity that is unique to your organization can help your team meetings feel much more fun, and in turn, very effective. Poll Everywherehas a unique ritual that they employ at the start or end of every internalteammeeting called a “moment of Zen”. During this period of the meeting, they take time, as a group, to learn something new or reflect on their day. Oftentimes, this involves meeting leaders or participants sharing an inspiring quote or a fun news tidbit. It can also involveteammembers drawing attention to interesting notes from the work of their colleagues during the week.

Open discussion should be the basis for anymeeting butincorporating a less rigid ritual that promotes positive thinking helps employees take a step back from their own immediate business, allowing them to bond over bigger picture ideas.Ultimately, a small activity that encourages positive, rotating communication and the sharing of accomplishments or productive insights will help your staff build stronger collaboration over time.

9. Keep Employees on Topic

Many company meetings often run the risk of repetitive ideas, spinning off topic, and long-winded tangents that fail to move the conversation forward. Remedying this issue should be a goal for anyteammeeting leader, but one company has a particularly successful method to keep their employees on topic.

Brivo has a meeting policy where whenever someone begins to rehash a point that has already been made, another team member can hold up a ping pong paddle reading “No Rehash”. This helps employees feel empowered to bring greater energy to meetings, focusing more intently on discussions and moving the conversation forward, while also helping each other to break their bad habits.

(Video) Team Building Activities How to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Motivated

10. Get Personal

To avoid team meetings from being a mundane, dry experience for employees, aim to incorporate some activity that engages them on a personal level. In their internal team meetings, LivePersonadds in a human aspect to their proceedings, beginning by asking a specific question in a topic chosen to help break down walls and promote deep, meaningful conversations between staff.

While it is important to keep meeting discussions on track with the organization’s plans, you should aim to include some element or technique that helpsemployees’bond. Staff members who feel recognized on both and a personal and professional level are much more likely to think collaboratively, seeing things from one another’s perspective and working cohesively as ateam.

11. Change Locations Once in a While

Creativeteammeeting ideasare not limited to the content of the meetings itself. In the same sense that you aren’t limited to one certain way to encourage participation, you’re also not limited to holding your meetings in a specific location.

Changing the location ofwhere you are broadcasting fromevery now and then canhelpyou organize betterteammeetings. After all, ifparticipantsalwayshold theirmeetingsfromthe same location, they might not produce anything new.Some examples of a location change you can use include taking a walkaround the house,setting up in a different room and playing with the backgrounds that are in view; e.g.; Zoom lets you drop in a jungle scene or a backdrop to the SanFranciscoBridge!The point is, have fun and engage yourteammates.

12. Ask for Feedback

The best way to keep improving your meetings is toask your employees themselves. Ask participants what you can do better, adapting your methods to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your meetings. Feedback should be asked for regularly. This can be done at the end of every meeting, or more thoroughly every quarter or so. HR solutions like Sprigg’s ContinuousFeedbackToolcan help encourage continuous feedback, and resultingly, continuous growth and improvement for yourteammeeting ideas.

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12 Team Meeting Ideas to Engage Your Employees (9)

12 Team Meeting Ideas

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Key Takeaways:TeamMeeting Ideas

Teammeetings are an excellent opportunity to utilize your planning skills in new and creative ways. As a meeting leader, your principle goal should always be to optimize the effectiveness of your meeting sessions. This can only be done when all employees are engaged, and employees are only engaged when they are excited by what they are learning.

Consider theteammeeting ideaslisted above, using them as a starting point for developing practices that suit your business and its goals. No matter the method you choose to go with, meetings are a great way to bringteammembers together and push them towards their highest potentialtogether, even when we’re all apart for now.

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What are good team meeting topics? ›

14 helpful topics for team meetings at work
  • Recent victories. Team meetings can acknowledge recent successes, whether of individual employees or teams. ...
  • Challenges. ...
  • Recent changes. ...
  • Improvements. ...
  • Short- or long-term vision. ...
  • Employee health conversations. ...
  • Leadership roles. ...
  • Collaboration skills.

How do you engage employees in team meetings? ›

9 actionable tips for how to make staff meetings more engaging
  1. Be more intentional about your team meeting calls. ...
  2. Share the agenda in advance. ...
  3. Utilize tools that allow for collaboration. ...
  4. Designate specific roles for all team members. ...
  5. Start with an icebreaker. ...
  6. Have speakers identify themselves before speaking.
12 Apr 2022

How do I make my team meetings fun? ›

8 team bonding activities to make your regular staff meetings fun
  1. Show and tell. For a fun way to move into your next meeting, try a quick round of show and tell. ...
  2. Caption contest. ...
  3. Play “would you rather?” ...
  4. Best backdrop contest. ...
  5. Guess the location. ...
  6. Joke of the day. ...
  7. Scavenger hunt. ...
  8. Guess the picture.
6 days ago

How do I make my team meeting more interactive? ›

During the remote meeting
  1. Introduce everyone. The video camera doesn't show every speaker throughout the meeting. ...
  2. Have small talk before to start. ...
  3. Remind of the meeting goal. ...
  4. Give people things to do. ...
  5. Be courteous to others. ...
  6. Ask participants to contribute. ...
  7. Be engaging.

What are 5 things you would include in a meeting agenda? ›

How to Write a Meeting Agenda? 5 Key Steps
  • Establish the meeting type. Not informing your team about the type of meeting they'd be attending can cause a lot of confusion. ...
  • State the objective of the meeting. ...
  • Identify specific meeting topics. ...
  • Allocate time to discuss each topic. ...
  • Include a list of necessary documents.
8 Aug 2022

What are 3 ideas for effective teams? ›

3 Ways to Build an Effective Team
  • Establish trust. The best exercises for building psychological safety and interpersonal sensitivity increase trust among team members. ...
  • Build dependability. Establishing ground rules of engagement can help foster both psychological safety and dependability. ...
  • Strengthen communication.
30 Jun 2017

What are 7 ways to engage employees with workplace procedures? ›

How to Engage Employees
  • Get to know them. ...
  • Provide them with the tools for success. ...
  • Let them know how the company is doing. ...
  • Allow them to grow. ...
  • Support them and the authority you've granted. ...
  • Recognize your team and their hard work. ...
  • Encourage teamwork among employees. ...
  • Find employees that care about the customer.
11 Aug 2021

How do you engage employees in a fun way? ›

20 employee engagement ideas
  1. Go to a sporting event or new brewery in town as a company outing.
  2. Order pizza for the whole company on a Friday.
  3. Go paintballing or bowling.
  4. Visit an escape room.
  5. Host a scavenger hunt.
  6. Bring in a cool speaker for a lunch-and-learn.

How do you start a fun meeting? ›

Here are 17 ideas for starting a meeting in a fun way:
  1. Do a quiz. ...
  2. Hold a meeting outside. ...
  3. Create an interactive agenda. ...
  4. Provide food. ...
  5. Make groups. ...
  6. Change the seating chart. ...
  7. Play a game of charades. ...
  8. Ask interesting questions.
29 Sept 2021

How do you spice up a boring meeting? ›

Are Your Business Meetings Boring? 6 Tips to Spice Them Up
  1. Make It Interactive. If your meetings consist of one person speaking at length to a roomful of people, your employees likely are only capturing a percentage of what's being said. ...
  2. Use Visual Aids. ...
  3. Bring in Food. ...
  4. Gamify. ...
  5. Reward Contributions. ...
  6. Shake Things Up.

What's a good icebreaker for a team meeting? ›

A classic game played at summer camps everywhere, "Would You Rather" is an excellent, quick ice breaker for the workplace. Next time you're settling into a meeting or team bonding outing, take turns going around the table and asking each person a "Would You Rather" question.

How do you engage a large group? ›

Here are four best practices we've developed that you can use to engage and communicate with large groups in a virtual environment.
  1. Add asynchronous discussion to real-time interaction. ...
  2. Create 24×7 communication hubs. ...
  3. Take later-stage clinical trials online. ...
  4. Establish working group hubs for long-term projects.
28 Dec 2021

What 7 information items must appear on the agenda? ›

Make Sure You Have These 7 Items on Your Next Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting name. Every meeting agenda should include the name of the meeting to take place. ...
  • Date and time of the meeting. ...
  • Specific agenda items. ...
  • Amount of time for each agenda item. ...
  • Name next to each agenda item. ...
  • Meeting introduction. ...
  • Meeting wrap-up.

What are the 7 main characteristics of effective team? ›

The Seven Characteristics of Good Teams
  • 1) Clearly Defined Expectations.
  • 2) The Importance of Selflessness in Teamwork.
  • 3) Many Opinions, One Goal.
  • 4) Encourage Open Communication.
  • 5) Why Flexibility Matters.
  • 6) Constructive Conflict Drives Innovation.
  • 7) Many Voices, But One Message.
6 Jan 2017

What are the 5 rules of an effective team? ›

5 rules for effective teamwork
  • Show everyone respect. This should go without saying, but it's necessary to remind people sometimes. ...
  • Champion polite disagreements. Not everyone will have the same thoughts and feelings about every project—and that's fine. ...
  • Always explain. ...
  • Communicate in brief. ...
  • Get rid of toxic people.
2 May 2018

What are 3 key points to an engaged workforce? ›

What Are the Three Key Elements of Employee Engagement?
  • Feedback. The first component of employee engagement is feedback. ...
  • Recognition. Feedback is step one, but when it comes to good performance, recognition is the necessary second step to fostering employee engagement. ...
  • Validation.
18 Aug 2022

How do you make a creative meeting? ›

Ways to design creative meetings
  1. Break larger groups into smaller groups. ...
  2. Use “brain writing” techniques to generate creative ideas. ...
  3. Ask better prompt questions. ...
  4. Set up your environment for success. ...
  5. Go to the site of the issue. ...
  6. Use purposeful icebreakers.
15 Sept 2019

How do you start a positivity meeting? ›

Here's how to do it.

Ask your meeting participants to share one positive thing that happened to them recently or since the last time you met. It can be personal or professional. It can be something they're excited about, proud of, or interested in. Tell them they have thirty – sixty seconds to give their update.

How do you stimulate team members? ›

Jump to section
  1. Share your vision and set clear goals.
  2. Communicate with your staff.
  3. Encourage teamwork.
  4. A healthy office environment.
  5. Give positive feedback and reward your team.
  6. Provide opportunities for development.
  7. Give employees the space they need to thrive.

How do you increase energy in a meeting? ›

Going Well – Ask everyone to go around the table and share one thing that is going well in their lives or at work. Give them about 30 seconds each. This is a quick way to raise brain serotonin levels by focusing on something positive and taking their minds away from the problem they were just solving.

What is the most powerful icebreaker? ›

1. Arktika. Arktika is one of the latest nuclear-powered of Russia under the Project 22220 icebreakers. IT is currently the largest and most powerful icebreaker ship in the world.

What are some unique icebreaker questions? ›

Great Icebreaker Questions
  • What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
  • When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?
  • What is your favorite item you've bought this year?
  • What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?
  • What is your absolute dream job?
17 Sept 2021

What are the best large group icebreakers? ›

A: Some good icebreakers for large groups include introductions (casual and formal), fun facts, common interests, and asking everyone to name one thing they're looking forward to in the next week. You can also try riddles, trivia, or other games. The important thing is to get everyone interacting and having fun!

What should I discuss in my weekly team meeting? ›

5 things to cover in Weekly Team Meetings
  • General Announcements.
  • Accountability.
  • Goals & Objectives.
  • Problems & Solutions.
  • Wins & Successes.

What should I discuss in my first team meeting? ›

6 topics for your first meeting with the new team
  • Getting to know each other.
  • About your manager.
  • Feedback.
  • Communication expectations.
  • Questions from the team.
  • Action items and meeting recap.
14 Sept 2021

How do I spice up weekly meetings? ›

8 ways to spice up your space
  1. Remove the table from the meeting room.
  2. Have nice sofa's, comfy chairs and a glass of wine for the meeting.
  3. Play Mozart on the background.
  4. Organise a walk and have the meeting outside.
  5. Let every participant take off their shoes before entering the meeting room.
8 Nov 2021

What are key points in a meeting? ›

10 Key Elements of Effective Meetings to Avoid Wasting Time
  • Define a Clear Purpose for the Meeting. ...
  • Invite Only the Necessary People. ...
  • Approve a Final Schedule. ...
  • Create a Rule Against Smartphones or Tablets. ...
  • Assign a Moderator. ...
  • Have Fewer, Better Meetings. ...
  • Separate Eating Time From Meeting Time.

What Every meeting should have? ›

Meeting Length
  • Introduction/call to the meeting (2 minutes)
  • Review previous meeting notes (2 min.)
  • Present objective or problem at hand (3 min.)
  • Open brainstorming/group discussion (10 min.)
  • Report from team 1 (10 min.)
  • Questions for team 1 (3 min.)
  • News from team 2 (10 min.)
  • Questions for team 2 (3 min.)

What do you say in a 1 on 1 meeting? ›

1-on-1 agendas should be collaborative. Managers should encourage direct reports to share what they would like to discuss. Common topics can include current goals, feedback, recognition, career aspirations, and more.

What is the list of to be discussed in a meeting? ›

An agenda lists the items of business to be taken up during a meeting or session. It may also be called a "calendar".

What is the first thing a team leader should do in the first meeting? ›

Get to know each other.

“One of your first priorities should be to get to know your team members and to encourage them to get to better know one another,” says Shapiro. To that end, “resist the urge to immediately start talking about the work and the task outcome,” and focus instead on fostering camaraderie.

What are the four topics you should cover in the first meeting? ›

Structuring your one-on-one meeting

Aside from operational task-focused questions, other things you'll want to cover on a regular basis are alignment, wellbeing, growth/progress, career aspirations, relationships. Of course, you should also create space for your direct report to steer the conversation.


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