Bathtime for Babies: Bath Rules and Bath Accessories

Giving a baby a bath is one of the things a new mom would have to learn. In order to give a baby a bath, you would need certain things like Hooded Towels, baby bathtubs, baby soap etc. It helps to know some basic information on how to give a baby a bath before the baby arrives. Below we discuss some basic information you would need about giving a baby a bath and also what tools and accessories you need to be armed with.

Bathtime Accessories

Here are the must-have baby bath supplies and accessories to keep your little one safe and comfy while you give them a bath

Hooded Towels

  • Baby bathtub
  • Bathtub spout cover
  • Bath thermometer (optional)
  • Baby soap
  • Baby shampoo
  • Rinsing cup
  • Bath toys
  • Soft washcloths
  • Soft hairbrush
  • Age appropriate bath toys

How Often Should You Bathe a Baby

Contrary to what I thought and what I’ve always known, a baby does not need a bath every day. Pediatricians and researchers have come forward and said that bathing a baby two or three times a week is enough to keep them clean and healthy. However, you should clean the baby’s face, neck, hands, and diaper region daily. In my opinion – is it not better to just give the baby a bath every day?). However, this is good information to have in case of hectic days when a parent needs to skip bath time, they should know that that’s just fine. Keep in mind that bathing the baby too often will dry out their skin. Do not wait for bathtime to clean your baby if they are dirty or if the soil themselves. Clean their face with a  wet towel and their hand with wipes regularly and wipe any stains on their skin.

When Should You Bathe a Baby

The best time to give a baby a bath is in the mornings or right before bedtime. Giving a baby in the mornings gives them a chance to splash around first thing and it brightens both their day and your day. Giving them a bath before bed helps to calm them down and even make them more sleepy which is good for them and for you. If it’s hot during the day, you can give them a quick bath to help them feel refreshed. Even as adults, an afternoon shower on a hot summers day is always a good idea. After a while, you and your baby will get into a bath time rhythm.

What Baby Soap To use

It’s best to use baby soap as they are mild and gentle on the baby skin. Soap that has too many chemicals or perfume should be avoided for babies. Get natural baby products with as little dyes and perfumes as possible or preferably none. Babies have delicate skin and are more likely  to react to harsh chemicals. As for shampoos and conditioners, the same rule applies. Use shampoo made specially for babies that contain no harsh chemicals. When washing their hair, brush it lightly with a soft brush.

Safety Rules and Tips

When bathing your baby, it’s important to always be careful and apply safety measures. Always have everything you need within arms reach and don’t leave the baby alone in the tub at any time and for any reason. When you have everything you need within reach such as the soap, shampoo, hair brush, hooded towels, etc, then you can always reach for them with one hand while you keep one arm on the baby at all times. It also helps if you can, to have someone in the house with you the first few times you give your baby a bath. That way if you forget something they can get it for you and offer support when needed – till you get the hang of things

Other safety measures you can take are:

  • Learn infant CPR
  • Never leave your baby alone in the bathtub or in the care of another slightly older child
  • Set the water temperature t the heater so if the baby turn on the faucet very hot water does not flow out
  • Get a shout cover for the faucet so your baby does not hit their head if they slip
  • Also get a non-slip/non-skid bath mat
  • Empty the tub completely after each use
  • Keep all bathroom doors and toilet seats closed at all times

If The Baby Hates Bath Time

In some cases, some babies do not like bath time. Some babies cry and scream if you take them near a tub. If this is the case for you, you should take measure to ease your baby into the habit. You can get bathtime toys to lure them in the tub, check the water temperature, don’t let the water get in their face. In the beginning, giving your baby a bath might seem like a lot and you might feel overwhelmed but in no time it will become easier and will become second nature to you.

Where is the Best Bath Location

For a newborn baby, bathing them in the tub might be too complicated. It’s best to give them a bath in a smaller space like a sink or a plastic baby bathtub. If you have to use your bathtub, then you should get a bath seat or baby support made for bathtubs. Once again, never leave a baby unattended to in a bathtub. If you must move, then take the baby with you. Trust me it’s worth the stress.